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The "Making plugins" tutorial lets us create a new tab alongside with 2D/3D/Script/AssetLib, called "Main Screen Plugin".

It contains either a scene or an object. But it doesn't replicate the 2D interface, with its grid, settings and behaviour. How to duplicate the 2D interface in order to extend it ?

I tried using a CanvasItemEditor but it doesn't make sense to me as there are many other childs to be created.

Any lead on where to look ? Either in GDScript or C++, I got the sources and am trying to figure out how these work.

I got this info by printing :
And the result is :
[[CanvasItemEditor:10111], [SpatialEditor:10349], [ScriptEditor:10702], [EditorAssetLibrary:12026], other stuff goes here by probably has is_main_screen on false ]

Any leads would be welcome, I primarily would like to understand the architecture before doing anything, see all the options.
I plan to make a custom editor in order to make it easier to edit a particular material, with multiple Curve2D etc.

Thank you !

asked Feb 2 in Engine by NadimD (18 points)

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