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So, there is, in unity, the function ScreenToWorldPoint() that transforms a point from screen space into world space.
Is there a similar function in godot?

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This is the closest thing I know in godot.
Look at the camera methods in the documentation, such as:

Vector3 project_position (screen_point: Vector2, z_depth: float) const

Returns the 3D point in worldspace that maps to the given 2D
coordinate in the Viewport rectangle on a plane that is the given
z_depth distance into the scene away from the camera.

Or inverse:

Vector2 unproject_position (world_point: Vector3) const

Returns the 2D coordinate in the Viewport rectangle that maps to the
given 3D point in worldspace.

There is also something in the manual using Raycasting:


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get_local_mouse_position() will return the mouse's co-ordinates relative to the node that you're calling it from, while get_global_mouse_position() will return the mouse's position relative to the current canvas layer.

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Is this what you are looking for?

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