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How can I increase the font size of the editor?

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There's a 'font size' setting you can change - in Editor Settings (button in the upper right of the editor), in the General tab, under Global.

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I don't see it, are you using a version above I know they added dynamic fonts in 2.1, but I don't think font scales just yet in 2.0. I think you have to import a font at a particular size and then set the editor to that font in the editor settings.

I'm using the latest version of master from the github repo; not sure when font-size support in the editor was added but I thought it had been in there a while.

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For Godot 2.0.x
- import font in desired size Import > Font
- copy imported bitmap font file .fnt somewhere
- Go to Settings > Editor settings > Global > Font and load .fnt file
- restart editor
- ???
- profit!

For Godot 2.x+
Do as @jackmakesthings said.

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