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I need to find the center of the screen without referring to the camera object. getviewportrect() does not take scaling of camera.

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something like this? (both are vector2)


I have a camera in the scene that moves, but I don't have access to it. Your method doesn't work for me.

How can you not have access to the camera? It's in your scene tree in the location you put it.

They mean the window

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func _get_viewport_center() -> Vector2:
    var transform : Transform2D = get_viewport_transform()
    var scale : Vector2 = transform.get_scale()
    return -transform.origin / scale + get_viewport_rect().size / scale / 2
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I tested this and it does work : )


You can also try this though I haven't tested it :\

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get_real_window_size() will include the window borders in its calculations. You generally don't want to use it to calculate the center of the game window.

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