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Here's the code for connect localhost server.

export (String) var host = ''
export (int) var port = 1337

var client: StreamPeerTCP

func _ready():
    client = StreamPeerTCP.new()

    var error = client.connect_to_host(host, port)
    print(error)  ---> Always return 0

error always have 0 (OK), regardless server is online or not.

In server, when Godot Game runs and try connecttohost, connection established both server and godot without any problem.

Is this glitch or something? Using Godot 3.2.rc3.official release.

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This is how I treat it, based on experience:

connecttohost is non-blocking, so it doesn't wait for the connection to succeed or fail. I think of connecttohost as a connection request, which could succeed or fail at some future point. The result code says nothing more than whether the request succeeded or failed.

I use get_status() in the _process() function to monitor the state of the connection.

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