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Hi, I apologize in advance if I can't express myself better than I do, since I'm not fluent in english.

I'm trying to make a Mario Kart-like game, so I want the vehicles to not overturn when they are in midair after jumping from a ramp. Right now, I'm using the VehicleBody node, and I tested a lot of things but I think I don't have enough knowledge to achieve what I want.

I thought the expected behaviour should be that, if the angle between the car's normal and a Vector3(0, 1, 0) pointing upwards is bigger than a certain value, the car should rotate in a way that it's normal vector goes back to Vector3(0, 1, 0). And I can't find the way to accomplish this. How can I get the rotation axis, so that the car rotates in the correct direction?

I'm happy if someone would tell me what steps should I take so I can translate it to code. (I guess I can do what I need using this VehicleBody node, right?)

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