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What does happen if I just load a resource and do nothing with that?

asked Jan 27 in Engine by JulioYagami (633 points)

2 Answers

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It won't cause any specific issues that I'm aware of, but you're unnecessarily wasting system resources (memory, i/o for loading, ...).

So, it's probably not a huge issue, but I wouldn't do it knowingly...

answered Jan 27 by jgodfrey (5,596 points)
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Loading or Preloading doesn't put anything on the tree so is not a problem, other than for memory. However, it can help with responsiveness later, if you are sure that the scene is required at some point.

Unless my startup is prohibitively long, I prefer to preload commonly used resources but I don't write huge games with significant memory requirements.

answered Jan 28 by Beechside (33 points)
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