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We are in 2.81 and still no exporter. Is it going to be ready some day? Any git repo where I can get it?

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That seems like a question for the Blender community. I'm curious why you're asking here?

Blender Community? Well, I thought it was a task of the engine contributor to provide the exporters for each modelling tool.

As far as I know there a Godot-Exporter (ESCN):

And Godot can also import GLTF (and OBJ for simple meshes).

If the fork which I linked above didn't work then you might want to try these.

Thanks, Im trying to test it now, but so far it installs well in 2.81. I ahve been using FBX with Godot 3.2, but wanted to have another choice, because in Vulkan branch the FBX is imported with a few glitches.

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