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Ok so ive been strugling with this for over a month. I need to make c checkpoint that not only saves your stats, but also let you restore your progres when u close the game and come back. You would have a player (Kinematig body) And a save point (Probably area2d)
I am also VERY new to Json and have no idea how exactly it works... I dont even now how to create a JSON, and what to put in it...
PLEASE help!

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You can create JSON and save it to disk like this

func Save():
#create new file and open it for writing
var file = File.new()

#sample data
var data = {"health":100,"mana":40}

#convert data to json and store it in the file

#after the operation is done close the file

Then you can load it like this

func Load():
#create new file and open it for reading
var file = File.new()

#load data from the file and convert it to json
var json_data = parse_json(file.get_as_text())

#print loaded json data

# you can also access individual values by using . operator
# for example: json_data.health

#after the operation is done close the file

Here is an example about saving progress in JSON.

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