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What does happen to the old filesystem when ProjectSettings.load_resource_pack() is called? Do they are kept or are they all replaced by the new files?

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If you import a file with the same file path/name as one you already
have in your project, the imported one will replace it. This is
something to watch out for when creating DLC or mods (solved easily
with a tool isolating mods to a specific mods subfolder). However, it
is also a way of creating patches for one’s own game. A PCK file of
this kind can fix the content of a previously loaded PCK.

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Note that as of Godot 3.2, you can specify whether files should be replaced or not: https://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/classes/class_projectsettings.html#class-projectsettings-method-load-resource-pack

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