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Hello there. I am setting up some raycasts to try some VR stuff out. I was exactly following the VR tutorial, but for some very strange reason the raycasts refuse to collide with anything.
Here is how the raycast is setup:
Raycast setup
Here is it setup on a controller:
Raycast in world
Here is how it's set up in the tree:
Raycast tree
Here is the debug screen:
And here is the code for the controller: Code

The errors in the Debug seem to do nothing, as i can still move around the controllers and headset, and Godot still detects when i press the buttons on the controllers.
Any help would very much be appreciated, thank you!

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I see areas in your tree with collision shapes but your Raycast was set up to ignore areas (only collide with PhysicsBodies). Can this be the reason?

- Check the collision_layer of the PhysicsBodies. Is layer 1 enabled?
- Check if the PhysicsBodies have Collision Shapes assigned.
- Is the distance further away than 15? (this is what you set up as ray length).

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