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I like editor's filesystem_dock and I want to create plugin that allow to change folder (not only view "res://" folder), unpack tar, zip, ?rar? and custom package and import game resources.

Is is possible to modify filesystem dock via API or I need to copy it from godot source (editor/filesystem_dock.cpp)?

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I don't think it was ever intended to be used this way... I wonder if it's even exposed to the API. Usually plugin makers make their own UI from basic controls instead of using existing docks.

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You cannot edit the FileSystem dock via the scripting API. The latest stable (3.1.2) only has an EditorInterface.select_file() method. Afaict, that is the only method related to the dock at all.

If you want to use that node, then yes, you would need to recreate its features by translating the engine's C++ editor code into script code for some personal node of your own creation.

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