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Hi , I have added a bottom menu item by using add_control_to_bottom_panel
and I am wondering if there is a way I can know if this menu item is currently open .
Because I need to add some conditions to check but only when this editor plugin /bottom menu item is being opened. But I can't seem to find a way to know if this bottom menu is being opened
I see add_control_to_bottom_panel will return a button so I connected a signal on pressed which will call a function where it will change a boolean variable . But issue is that
instead of click on the menu item to close, when I clicked on another bottom menu item, script will not know this menu item is now closed

Edit : seems like I am not very clear on what I was asking. I apologize . Here is a screen grab , hopefully it helped

enter image description here

asked Jan 14 in Engine by lowpolygon (160 points)
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I was just dealing with this issue, and I'm positive there's a better way of doing it, but this is what I did.

In your EditorPlugin class

func _process(delta):
var nodes = get_editor_interface().get_selection().get_selected_nodes()
var node
if nodes.size() == 1:
    node = nodes[0]
    if node.get_class() == "custom_node":
                # now we know the editor is selecting your custom node, hide() or show() your button or dialogue

And then in your custom_node class

func    get_class(): return "custom_node"

I'd also like someone else's input, because this method doesn't seem like the best way of doing it.

answered Jan 15 by Michael Antkiewicz (20 points)

Thanks for the help.but it seems only works if I am opening the scene file of custom node and have it selected. I have attached a screen shot on what I was actually asking. Hope it clears up the confusion

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