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So I'm trying to find a way to generate and send midi data without having to use any sort of hardware midi controller. I essentially want to be able to click on a 3D model of a piano key or knob encoder, generate the data(or if data struct field pre-populated, just mutate? Does this even require a data struct?), and be able to send it out. I'm wondering if I could somehow hook into the InputEventMidi object, pass in data, and send it on its way.

If anyone could enlighten me on an approach, that would be much appreciated. A link to another resource or an explanation, I'll take either one at this stage. I don't think I'd need any explanation on handling mouse click events, I found plenty of resource on that. Just trying to figure out how to go about working with the data

asked Jan 14 in Engine by MarkAnthony (14 points)

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