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I have a following scene setup:

I have set the mirroring property of the layer to the image's horizontal resolution, and thus have managed to get the parallax background to work, but only 2 images are drawn at a time. That means that there isn't actually an infinite background, only 2 images that sort of teleport to the right as the camera moves along (to the right also).
I have noticed that this doesn't happen if I resize the sprite to fit the entire screen. Then the player will never see the images being drawn to the right. But if I have a sprite that is smaller than the screen, then the 2 image limit becomes visible.

I would like to know how to get more than 2 images to be drawn at a time when using ParallaxLayer/ParallaxBackground.

asked Jan 11 in Engine by selamba (136 points)

Having the same issue. But that is not the only one. When the camera is moving into negative coordinates, the parallax layers stop moving. Even in a positive direction. They come to a point where they stop.

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Hi, try Z Index = -100 at the Inspector in the editor
good luck!

answered Jun 20 by Jorge (198 points)
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