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I have a png tile 64px x 64px added to the texture of the sprite.
I would like to have 32px x 32
or smaller value .

asked Jan 10 in Projects by treflon (16 points)

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In the properties of the sprite, there is the Scale property, when it is in (1,1) it means that it maintains the original scale of the sprite texture. (0.5, 0.5) would reduce the size of the sprite by half. If: scale (1,1) -> 32x32px, then: scale (0.5,0.5) -> 16x16px.
If your question is about modifying the original texture size, as far as I know, it has to be in an external image editor.

answered Jan 10 by estebanmolca (1,203 points)
selected Jan 11 by treflon

thanks, I think it would do the job .

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