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According to doc I need a control so I have a scene with a Control node , under the control node I have a panel and a label with the text "Test"

In my script I have the following code:

extends EditorPlugin

var a_panel = preload("res://addons/add_bottom_menu/bottom_test.tscn")
var a_new_control := Control.new()

func _ready():

    a_new_control = a_panel.instance()
    add_control_to_bottom_panel(a_new_control,"My Plugin")

I did see a new button appears at the bottom menu with the name MY Plugin. But when I click on it ,nothing happens.
I searched google and found nothing. And doc is really not helping

asked Jan 9 in Engine by lowpolygon (166 points)

I don't know what should happen when you click the button,
but you should not need to call addchild again, it should already be called in addcontroltobottom_panel

ok, I took out the line . And I also noticed that that test panel did appear, but it shows up at the bottom of the screen where I can't see. How would I go about setting the position?

Should the position of the panel be above the button? Or, you did n’t actively set the panel position at all. If changing the position does not work, I think it should be limited by the layout?
But I don't know much about layout. The most common way to set the position is to use transform.origin (relative to the position of the parent node)

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Set rect_min_size.y.

Try this:

var editor_viewport = get_editor_interface().get_editor_viewport()
yield(get_tree(), 'idle_frame')
a_new_control.rect_min_size.y = editor_viewport.rect_size.y * 0.49
answered Jan 9 by Dlean Jeans (3,873 points)
selected Jan 10 by lowpolygon

Thanks , this is exactly what I wanted. though I don't understand it.

Same, it must have something to do with how Godot UI system works.

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