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I am in the process where it might help if I create some tools to do some mundane work.
I looked thru some tutorial on yourtube which shows some basics on tool creation.
And here are my questions

  1. Is it possible to create a top menu item and all I have to do is click on the menu item instead of opening the tool script and run
  2. Is it possible to make gui works in editor mode ?
    3 If gui cannot work in editor mode, is it possible to add something like a button / slider kind of thing to inspector?
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1) What you are referring to is called editor scripting and it is done via a class that is called EditorScript. What you need instead is to create a Pugin via the EditorPlugin class. This enables you to add gui elements to the Godot editor. There are a few tutorials about it on YouTube. 2) So yes it is possible. You could create some basic gui using EditorScript too, but I 've read somewhere that you cannot listen to user input (button presses) . 3) If you decide to go for EditorScript, which is a bit simpler, you could create a slider or an export variable and have them react to changes from within the editor. You have to use the setget keyword when you define the slider or the variable.

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Thank you very much for answering, I will look into editorscripting and editorplugin

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