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I have a SoftBody with a sphere mesh (imported obj, since the Godot sphere shape is not closed). I want to control this soft ball like a player figure, e.g. jump.

KinematicBody has move_and_slide and I can apply forces to RigidBody. How can I move my SoftBody?

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The softbody has no such methods, it will need to be parented or attached to a kinematicbody or rigidbody and code all the movement in _physics_process. Moving in _process will cause the softbody to lag behind.

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Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately, it does not work for me. What I have:

RigidBody with child nodes
- MeshInstance
- CollisionShape
- SoftBody (ignore collisions in this RigidBody)

When I move the RigidBody in _physics_process with self.apply_impulse(Vector3(0,0,0),direction), the RigidBody (the MeshInstance) moves, but the SoftBody stands still.

When I use KinematicBody instead of RigidBody it is the same.

Maybe I ran into this issue?

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