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DAE support became okay...ish only relatively recently in most 3D software packages.
Is there any possibility that Godot might support some of the "ancient" formats such as MS3D, .X or B3D?

Already tried using Blender as a conversion tool but it takes a lot of time and doesn't work very well. Also considered re-rigging and re-animating my characters in Blender but after about 4 hours of trial and error, it's just not there yet.

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Old format mean old technology, which means fewer capabilities and performance. Why bother support old formats? That's extra work, and as you could see, the import is not guaranteed to work 100%.

I agree that Godot should support more formats, but only those with a future. For the rest, use a dedicated tool to convert your assets.

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I believe one could create a C++ module for using Assimp within Godot. It supports a lot of formats.

You can also use it as a standalone tool for converting model files to, for example, .dae which is supported by Godot.

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