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Hi everyone !
After tons of googling and documentation reading, I still can't figure out how to do one thing :

If I have a settings script/class that looks like this :

extends Node
export var size : float
export var color : Color

And I use it in some other script (attached to a Planet node) that looks like this :

const Settings= preload("res://Scripts/settings.gd")
var settings : Settings

How can I export the settings variable so I can access the size and color variables from the Planet node ?

Thanks in advance !

edit : the Planet node is just an empty node containing mesh instances and things like that

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Do I understand you correctly; you want to read constants from settings.gd into planet.gd and then export these as variables from planet.gd so you can edit them through the Planet node in the editor?

Yes exactly, that's what I want to do

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I solved it myself ! I was adding an _init() function to my resource script and that was messing things up. I can now just export(Resource) var settings : Resource and access my data from there (I couldn't before because of the _init() function for some reason)

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