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Is it possible to do something like this? If not does it have planed to support?

velocity = velocity * if (grounded): friction else: 0 
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AFAIK there is no statement like this, but I this there was/is a discussion about it

If there's something implemented like that, it should be the ternary syntax:

velocity = velocity * friction if grounded else 0

Dear Lord NO! Please, if anything, just implement the ternary operator.
Having the ability to inline full blown if statements ? This is the stuff TDWTF is made of.

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There's a proposal about this, but no implementation so far. For now you still need to rely on a regular if.

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Well, thanks you all. Shame, I'm not good at parsing, but i will have a look.

And this has now changed, see below.

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According to Godot 2.1.2 release notes it is now available in the ternary syntax and working fine:

GDScript: Ternary operator (a if cond else b)
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