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Help me please.
The problem with the sprite.
Why is presented effect?
I want to simply display images without any effect it.
enter image description here

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does texture have transparent pixels border?
if not, try to make a transparent pixel border in texture.

The problem is that the ball like shimmers.
He should just move.
Moving the ball on the display is not as it should be reflected.

that's how it should be.
just moving images without changing the image, without transfusion.

enter image description here

It is pretty hard to see an effect in this gif.. Maybe you could provide more details about what is happening and what are you doing and what are particular settings of a scene?

It looks like pixels are not smoothed correctly at some stage. Because pixels of the ball don't exactly match those on screen (perhaps it is scaled, rotated, or the camera has zoom), the rasterizer picks the nearest one instead of averaging them, producing artifacts.
Did you tried to set filter to true on your texture resource?

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