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Hi All!
I have a scene set up in which the camera follows a rigid body using the lookatfrom_position function. Is it possible to interpolate its movements with something like lerp so that the movements are smoother and a tad delayed. I am after something like this, only in 3d:


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This looks more like the classic velocity trick (vector3 - vector3)*-1 and use it as velocity to the camera

Thanks. How do you use this trick in conjunction with 'look at from position'? As in, what is the syntax? Do you have an example?

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var c
var vel = Vector3()
var speed = 2

func _process(delta):
    var a = $RigidBody.global_transform.origin
    var b = c.global_transform.origin
    # adds cam position from body
    b = Vector3(b.x+2,b.y-2,b.z)
    # cam velocity
    vel += ((b-a)*-1)*(delta*speed)
    # cam pos + velocity

func _ready():
    c = Camera.new()
    c.current = true
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