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Is it possible to remove tiles during runtime? I need to destroy some walls parts in a game, which is an ideal candidate to use tilemaps, but Im concerned that I cant selectively destroy elements.

asked Dec 23, 2019 in Engine by rogerdv (139 points)

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The TileMap docs have you covered:

void set_cell ( int x, int y, int tile, bool flip_x=false, bool flip_y=false, bool transpose=false, Vector2 autotile_coord=Vector2( 0, 0 ) )

Sets the tile index for the cell given by a Vector2.

An index of -1 clears the cell.
answered Dec 23, 2019 by kidscancode (17,670 points)

Do they have some sort of collider to let me identify individual collisions?

The whole point of a TileMap is that individual textures and colliders are batched into a single object for performance. That said, when you collide with the TileMap, you can then use the collision position to determine which particular tile you collided with.

See here for a deeper explanation: http://kidscancode.org/godot_recipes/2d/tilemap_collision/

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