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Is it possible to have light particules ?

asked Jun 30, 2016 in Engine by trafel (110 points)

Maybe give us some example of what you want to accomplish (screen-shot or anything), because what you are generally asking for "cloud of omni lights" don't think it's possible on any engine because of the amount of computations that would need to be done.

Than, at least, is it possible to make the particles independent from the lights and the canvasmodulate so they always keep theire white color without being "influanced" by other light colors ?

I'm trying to achieve sparkle effects from a torn cable:

enter image description here

'Unshaded' is option that you are looking for. Additionally if you want to create an impression that particles are glowing you should set blend mode to 'add' (thanks to this pixels where particles are overlapping will get brighter)

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