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I was creating a 2D game which has next to no complexity at all, only a few sprites and a hero. When put in full screen the screen starts skipping after about 15 seconds of play in a cycle. By cycle I mean it starts skipping for about 2 seconds and then becomes smooth for 2 seconds and then starts skipping for 2 seconds over and over again.

I tested this using different template games in godot and the same thing started happening, which is why I didn't upload the code for my game. It's basically happening in all games.

I'm using a macbook pro early 2015 8gb ram
Godot Engine v3.1.2.stable.custom_build - https://godotengine.org
OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Iris 6100 (Broadwell GT3)
Manjaro Linux operating System

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OpenGL ES 2 - skip frames?

It's better on OpenGL ES 2.0

If I shut down chromium and am on OpenGL ES 3.0 it improved, but still skipped noticeably. When I put it on OpenGL ES 2.0 with chromium shutdown, there is no skipping whatsoever except for once in a blue moon.

But shouldn't my computer be able to handle chromium being open with a simple 2D sprite game and why can't it handle OpenGL ES 3.0? Is this some kind of cutting edge technology which hogs all the resources??

It started lagging badly in OpenGL ES 2.0 aswell so I went to System Monitor and turned up priority for Godot, and the Godot game running to "Very High" on OpenGL ES 2.0, that's when I get the best performance. Is there some problem with my Graphics Card maybe?

yep, 99% problem in computer (driver on video card or OS)

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I reinstalled Mac OSX.
The game works fine with OpenGL ES 3.0 and 2.0.
Guess it was an optimisation problem with the Graphics card drivers or something to that effect.

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