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So i was importing some models into godot and one them gave this error: Couldn't open MTL file './door.mtl', it may not exist or not be readable.

What does it mean and how do i solve it????

asked Dec 20, 2019 in Engine by IndigoGames (69 points)

I had to Google what an MTL file is and It's the material for an obj model, so I'd recommend deleting the door's files in godot and try exporting it again.

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i think i know the solution for this
godot usually doesn't recognize all file formats so you will have to convert your MTL file to a different format and then save it as a tscn file in godot. i usually make my models in blender and then export them as .gLTF 2.0

hope it helps!!

answered Apr 2 by ethihas (16 points)
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