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for some reason, when I install the game in different samsung mobiles, the movement behaves completely different, especially the jump function for some reason.

here's the movement code I have:

var left = false
var right = false

var double_jump = false

var vel = Vector2().ZERO

var speed = 500

    if is_on_floor():
        if Input.is_action_just_pressed("up"):
            vel.y = -21
                double_jump = true
    elif Input.is_action_just_pressed("up") and double_jump:
        vel.y = -21
                double_jump = false
        vel.y -1

    if left:
        vel.x = -5
    elif right:
        vel.x = 5
        vel.x = 0

    move_and_slide(vel*delta*speed, Vector2(0, -1))

and the touchscreen buttons are under a canvaslayer, that's instances as a child of the player's kinematic body(the kinematic body is also the root of the player's scene), here's the script for those:

onready var p = get_parent()

func _on_LeftKey_pressed():
    p.left = true

func _on_RightKey_pressed():
    p.right = true

func _on_LeftKey_released():
    p.left = false

func _on_RightKey_released():
    p.right = false

func _on_UpKey_pressed():

func _on_UpKey_released():
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I'm no expert when working with mobile phones but it might be because you are doing the move and slide method inside _process instead of inside the _physics_process where it should usually be located, since move_and_slide should happen in the physics step.

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yep, that seems to do the trick, allways wondered what difference physicsprocess would make. thanks

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