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Hello everybody!

I did example project according to official tutorial


I was doing step by step and I got some troubles with Sconstruct file which was provide in this tutorial (he did not compile). So I took Sconstruct from this video tutorial:


And finally my project is completed. It works if I run him from Godot 3.1.2.
And it works if I run him on a local PC with Windows 10(64x) (launch .exe).

BUT... It does not work if I run it on other computers which too Windows 10(64x).
I get error 126. "Can't open dynamic library: bin/win64/libgdexample.dll. Error: Error 126:"

WHY? What am I doing wrong?

The main thing: What do I need to do to export the project to other PCs?

And... Why SConstruct from official tutorial gives an error message?

Thank you!

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Finally I did it. I don't fully understand which steps helped me, but I did this:

1) Build my dll in "release"


2) Replace flags MD and MDd on MT and MTd accordingly

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Error 126 means the library is missing a dependency. That dependency may have been present in some computers you tested it on, but other computers don't have it. Maybe you'll need to package that dependency with your game?

See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14361992/dll-load-library-error-code-126

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