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Is it possible to put a different theme for each tab?

So far I can only put one theme that modifies the whole TabContainer:
enter image description here

I need the Hello tab to be blue and the World tab to be red for example.

asked Dec 16, 2019 in Engine by Icaro-Lima (21 points)

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Putting different Theme is not possible, but tabs can have different styleboxes depending on their state, I think the latter is what you want?

Select your TabContainer, look in the Custom Styles section in the inspector: here you can choose which style will be used for each state of the tabs. Tab Fg is for the selected tab, and Tab Bg is for other tabs.

However if you want every tab to have a different color regardless of their state, you'll probably need to make a custom control.

answered Dec 16, 2019 by Zylann (26,139 points)

What I want is for each tab to have its own color. I chose to leave as is, thanks!

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