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I'm testing a Popup Menu to show up in the game every time the player lose, my game consists is a bunch of mini games switching between themselves as the player wins, as every minigame is a different scene for the popup to appear in all of the scenes i made it a child of a singleton and a canvas node.

Everything works fine but when i minimize the game it hides the popup, i wanna keep the popup til' player clicks one of the buttons...

Is that something with the singleton behaviour or somehting because i don't get it :S

A print of my tree:

enter image description here

Node is my singleton

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It's a behaviour of popup menus. The idea of a PopupMenu is similar to a right-click context menu or an application menu bar, which leads to this.

I believe given how you are setting this up with custom controls and all (instead of using PopupMenu functionality), you should use a simpler base control which you show and hide (like Panel).

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Thanks dude :D

totally worked, helped a lot!

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