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This Q&A is meant first and foremost for simple, focused questions in the Engine category, as one could find on similar platforms like StackExchange or StackOverflow.

When writing questions, try to be very precise on what you need to know, and to give a short but descriptive title. A good title would be e.g. "How to make a GUI overlay in 2D games?" or "How to instance inner classes in GDScript?". On the contrary, a title like "I have some questions about how to use Godot engine" would not be an efficient question – its re-usability potential is relatively low. Think that people will use the built-in search engine, and external search engines, to find answers to specific questions, and potentially the same as yours.

If you have several questions, open several topics. Do not ask several unrelated questions in the same thread, as it will be harder to give you a proper answer for each point.

If you think you have found a bug, don't report it here, but on Godot's repository on GitHub. You can still ask questions about how to workaround an issue, but, please, make sure it is submitted there too. Also, before submitting a new issue, search through existing issues (both open and closed) in case it was already reported.

Use tags to give relevant information about your question, e.g. "2d", "gdscript", "meta" (for questions related to using this Q&A), etc. You select the tags yourself, but you can check the "Tags" section of the Q&A to see which ones are already in use.


While here, please ensure that you format your questions properly. If you don't a nice moderator might do it for you, but it is tedious even for moderators to edit every new question.

We use markdown for formatting. There are some quick buttons on the top of the edit box, but here is a quick syntax guide:

**bold**, *italic*, ***both bold and italic***.
__bold again__, _italic again_, ___both again___
[Link description in text](http://www.target.url/goes/here)
![Quick image description](http://link.to-image.com/image.png)
## Heading
text `inline code` more text on the same line ...

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Results in (image and heading omitted):

bold, italic, both bold and italic.
bold again, italic again, both again
description in text
text inline code more text on the same line ...

Block of code # Prefixed by 4 spaces of indent
Another line
The line before the code block MUST be empty, as should be the next

Concluding notes

For the time being, and to make do for not having a forum software, we want to try to also use this Q&A for other less question-oriented things, like general community discussions.

That's why you will find two other categories: Projects, which is meant to let you showcase your work and get feedback, as well maybe as sharing scripts and tips until we have a proper asset sharing system (Coming soon™, like always ;)), and Gossip, for everything else (including this post about how to use Q&A).

Edit: The community forum is up: GodotForums.org, and probably more suited to showcase projects and share scripts and tips than the above mentioned Projects category.

If you have any question about this Q&A, post it in the Gossip category with the meta tag! :)

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I think we should select one license that will apply to all code snippets here to avoid trouble in the future. I'd suggest CC-0

I guess it would be nice to (a) make this question a bit more visible (on the ask question page? I dunno) and (b) add a link to issues either here or on the ask question page, so that users won't report issues on Q2A.

Can you talk about flagging a post?

GodotDevelopers.org seems down...

Updated temp link to the developer forums:


Please update forum link to:

My proposal would be to encourage posters to provide more details. Adding tags does help but is maybe not prominent enough in this Readme.

Maybe we'd need a template for users to fill out (Similar to the issues template) to get at least some basic idea of what they're talking.

Things like:
your Godot version (Examples: 3.11, 3.2alpha, 2.x, Mono)
your game type (Examples: 2D, 3D, VR, server)
your render engine: (GLES2, GLES3, (Vulcan))
your targeted platform(s): Windows, Mac,Linux, iOS, Android
your development platform/OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

I get your point, but lets be careful on how many restrictions are added. I personally don't want this site to be like stackexchange.

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