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When I finished my first game following a tutorial on Youtube and exported it with debug keystore, jarsigner etc. and installed it on my phone, everything worked. After the third version, however, the message "App not installed" appeared on my mobile phone during installation. Since I had some debugs in the program that I didn't know how to fix, I thought it was because ... However, when I wanted to install my new app (a 3d game) WITHOUT debugs on my phone yesterday, The same message appeared and even after some newer versions, they ran in the project, but could not be installed on the smartphone .... Can someone please help me I would like the app so much on my phone.

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Solutions :

  • sometimes, android checks if the version of the application you are trying to install isn't already installed. A simple fix is to delete the previously installed version of the game on your phone and re-install the newer version

  • Another solution is by simply running the game directly from Godot (using USB Debugging) as it will install the application through ADB (android debug bridge)

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Thank you for your answer, however:
When I set USB debugging on my cell phone in the developer options, it didn't work and my cell phone was not displayed on godot ... Do I have to do anything else?
In addition:
I deleted all old versions of the game and it still doesn't work ...

Are there any other solutions?
Thank you anyway

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