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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to follow this tutorial:

In Godot 3.1, there are a lot of parameters that don't show the same way as the tutorial. I can't spread the particles, showing only in the center place. Also I can't find other parameters such as "Half Extents", "Emit Timeout", "Direction", "Linear Velocity", etc.

Anyone can help? Should I be using Particles2D vs CPUParticles2D???

Thank you

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As far as I know, CPUParticles2D is for when your hardware doesn't support Particles2D (for example when creating a mobile game where OpenGL ES 2 is being used or OpenGL ES 3 support is buggy).

I don't know about 3.1, but in 3.2 BETA 3 under Process Material in the Inspector, you can create a new ParticlesMaterial and that will give you more granular control with extra parameters. I'm guessing the video you watched was for an older Godot version.

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I'm also new to Godot (v3.2 in 2021) and am following some tutorials that are on some 2.x version. For the Half-Extents, I found the equivalent way.

Within your Particle Node, go to Process Material and select "New Particles Material".
Once you do it, if you click on the Particles Material within the "dropdown box", it will drop a menu. There, you will find "Emission Shape". That's the option.

If you chose "Box", then you can chose X,Y (and Z, if in 3D) values. Those values will push the box limits on both directions along that axis. This means that if you select X = 5, the box will go from X:-5 to X:+5 beggining from the center point of your node.

Hope this helps.

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