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I have always used $ to access objects in my scene. And this is my code

extends Weapon

onready var duration_timer = $timer_group/duration_timer

And that is inherited from :

extends Node2D
class_name Weapon

Codes above was fine the whole day. Until just now. All of a sudden
I am getting this msg :
Parse Error: Method 'get_node' is not declared in the current class

I can't figure what I did wrong. I didn't add anything new . And I have undo whatever I did and the same err message still appears.

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I did a bit more testing~~ once I comment out this static function,the error goes away, I am not sure why tho

static func instance_firing_muzzle(index,instance_position,parent_obj,array_to_add_to):
    if array_to_add_to[index] != null:
    var tmp = wpn_muzzle.instance()
    tmp.position = instance_position
    array_to_add_to[index] = tmp

Try to use get_node("") instead of $.

After reading this:

It says: "it has no access to the instance member variables or self" perhaps that parent_obj reference is causing the issue. If you remove "static" and just make it a func, does it work?

yes,it did work once I took out the static function. But now whenever I press F5, Godot would just crash . My entire project is now screwed. Not game crash, but engine crash. I tried to comment out every line and still just crashed. I suspect I did something to screw the engine up

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