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if $ProgressBar.value == 100:
if s > 0 :
s-= 1

func onTimer_timeout():
s -=1
sorry my original code is a bit messy and might confuse u guys but heres my problem:
the countdown would count too fast like literally it would finish instantly.
so the plan here is that the timer would countdown from 60secs to 0

asked Dec 7, 2019 in Projects by Regret (29 points)
edited Dec 7, 2019 by Regret

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you want to multiply it by your delta value... so if you are running this in your process(delta) function you want to multiply the value you are negating by delta


answered Dec 7, 2019 by Salvakiya (64 points)
selected Dec 7, 2019 by Regret

Thanksss you very muchh

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