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I Weird nav2d path loop

On Godot3.1
Keeps changing its mind about which path to take
not sure if this is a bug.
doesn't happen if the simple path has optimize=true
but I don't like the look of that path as much :(

func _ready():

    get_parent().get_parent().connect("placetile", self, "updatepath")

    self.position = get_parent().get_node("spawn").global_position
    goal = get_parent().get_node("end").global_position
    nav  = get_parent().get_node("Navigation2D")
    path = nav.get_simple_path(self.global_position, goal, false)
    get_parent().get_node("Line2D").points = PoolVector2Array(path)

func _process(delta: float) -> void:
    if !path:

    if path.size() > 0:
        var d: float = self.global_position.distance_to(path[0])
        if d > 10:
             self.position =  self.global_position.linear_interpolate(path[0], (speed * delta)/d)
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I think it might happen due to float precision, however I would suggest you don't recalculate the path every frame, just remember it in a variable so you have it once and for all. If it needs to update, just do it a few times per seconds instead, or when the character or its target moved by a minimum distance.

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Yeah I came to the same conclusion. Still it would be interesting to know what was behind such a strange behavior.

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