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Hello everyone,

I would like to know if there is a special nodes that could help me create an in-game editor.
More specifically the game I'm creating has a building part in the gameplay, 2D top-down view. I would say imagine creating SimCity in Godot. What would be, if any, the tools to use to make this happen?

Thank you

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There's no special tools for this because it's not really needed. You can likely do this with TileMaps that change when clicked. TileMap already has a helper function to detect which cell a pixel is in (e.g. you can get a cell under the clicked position).

It's just a matter of game logic, the standard Godot nodes can already provide the functionality.

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Thank you very much for your answer.
Just to be sure, the tools we have in the editor, like the polygon editor or the the resizable box, are not available in-game?

Editor plugins are available in editor only, they're not on the exported release binary. But the editor plugins are usually made with the same API as the exposed to games, so you might look at the engine code (especially at tools/editor/plugins) and rewrite it in GDScript (or maybe adapt it to a module).

Thank again, I will check this.

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