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Would anybody be interested in an unofficial Godot forum?

It would probably be based off of SMF 2.0 (this can be changed if you guys REALLY want… but don't expect me to like it), with custom emoticons and a custom theme (don't hold your breath on that one… I'll try my best but it might take a while)

I am saying this as I feel we need a general place for tutorials (I intend to write a few as I feel well versed enough and that the current ones are still a bit lacking) and other subjects which don't really fit into a Q&A format…

I already posted a bit about this on the old forum but never got any responses….
(but did I really expect anybody to use that laggy POS with the new site being so slick and shiny?)(no offence to the Godot team though… They're pretty much coding gods to me)

also... would using Godot in the site name be ok w/ the godot team? It's ok if it isn't, I'm just asking...

EDIT: Thank you all SOOOO much for all the support!
I'm working on some graphic icons and while It can't be tonight... I'll be uploading a test instance soon!

EDIT (Again): Here's a sneak peek of some of the graphics for the forum, Hope you like them! http://imgur.com/a/8zWra
Remember that they aren't final...
I'll probably be mit licencing most of these once I'm done with them :)

EDIT (06/03/16): Welp... Looks like I've been blown out of the water with Toger5's amazing contributions (I'm still glad I sparked the discussion though), the only question remains is if Toger5 wants to use my posticons, emoticons and assorted graphics or if I should just slink away before I embarrass myself further (until the forum actually launches, in which case I'll start making some content I hope you guys'll like :^) )

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I think that classical forum is missing here. I am not even sure why called it "unofficial". Just "Godot forum" would be fine ;). And thanks for the effort by the way.
How about an unofficial Godot Engine wiki to help the documentation efforts? We can all contribute information and build a database of what we understand about the engine.
This is great, Godot could really use a blenderartists like community. Like Akien said, the only real question will ever be who's is going to maintain it. Beyond that, i think everyone will appreciate the effort. IF you don't want to use "godotdevelopers.org", you could use something like godotdev.org or godotdesign.org, etc. Anything will do really.

Hey elfears,
I just read your EDIT(06/03/16). (That took a while ( ups! ) I was to stupid to realize that you just edited your old post ..).
I think we really should get in touch to discuss more detailed things like hosting and so on. currently im trying to implement the old OP (open project forum) database. but when (or maybe also during) that's done you could make some adjustments to the theme (if you want to). And we need to set up a proper structure for boards and categories. I already got some tips and @Kiori logged into the Testinstanz and maybe is going to improve the structure as time goes on (he brought up some good ideas).
Just to clarify, I'm (until now) really experienced with SMF. I was amazed by your Idea and energy to create a new forum. So I informed myself about SMF, found the possibility to install themes, and made the conclusion (wtf why ?) that nobody else could have found out that something like themes exist (how stupid ;) this is the reason why I posted the message with the Aldo theme (3.3.16) ). I would't post that message nowadays because using a pre-made theme in a SMF forum really isn't such an innovative Idea.
Just wanted to explain that message (In some eyes it maybe seemed bizarre. I also could have proposed to use a computer to design the Icons :D )
Because I spend a lot of time the last days I now know something about SMF. But I'm still a pioneer in hosting websites and using SMF.
So if you (elf
ears) have experience with different host providers and SMF packages and so on... it would be awesome if you could organize all that and I would appreciate helping you (otherwise I may will do some stupid beginner mistakes (see my host decision: "byethost") )

Sorry for the long message,
as I mentioned at the beginning we should get in contact on either github, email, or just use the test instance of the forum to make some experiences (there we could use pm's).


wow nice that the Q&A formats this message as a letter automatically

(will post info later (possibly in a PM??) as I g2g and have to type this quick)

Hey Toger5!
Sorry for the break in communication (had some v. important affairs)
Will post email later!

The forum seems to be available. Thanks to contributors for their great work.

Why not push some annoucements on Reddit or social medias ?

Yes that's true the forum is currently already hosted and available ;)
There was no big announcement until now because some things are still WIP.
Soon it will be released officially ;)

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I don't think it will work right now, as people are confortable with facebook and them, this Q&A was created JUST recently. But, since it is unofficial... nothing is really holding you to not do this.

I also believe that people were in talks to make the old forum a community controlled one, with no real endorsement by godot, pretty much like blenderartists.org is to blender.

answered Feb 29, 2016 by brunosxs (208 points)
Yeah, a community like blenderartists.org was what I was after...
(somebody else came up with the "godotdevelopers.org" Idea so I'll be using something different)
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I'm interested.
The Q&A ( like Stackoverflow ) is useful for quick help, but it's not comfortable for long discussions with quotes.
I haven't knowledge about SMF (and other forum softwares) but I'm sure that every forum specialized software has more features than Facebook group or Reddit.
Unfortunately Reduz accept discussions on Facebook. If the main developpers don't use forums Facebook causes a tough conccurrence.

answered Feb 29, 2016 by DriNeo (463 points)
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Yeah, I would love to have an unofficial forum ala BlenderArtists! Would be great if the old forum posts could be migrated over, not sure if that is possible? This Q&A is great for the basics, but its format doesn't work for ongoing discussions or encourage much browsing.

The old forum style is good for having ongoing user projects and resources,etc listed. Godot is getting popular quite fast, especially with it now on Steam. A real forum is smart move :)

answered Mar 1, 2016 by zendorf (261 points)
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Why is there no forum currently?

See also this topic in the old forum: http://op.godotengine.org/topics/14294

Basically the idea is that Juan and the rest of the core team can't/don't want to set up an official forum with all the maintenance work that would represent. The old forum back in the first half of 2015 was on phpBB and was a pain to maintain, as it's one of the favourite targets for spammers. Then its contents were migrated to OpenProject's own forum solution, which was not the fanciest and had performance issues like the rest of OP.

For the new website we chose to go PHP-only as the Ruby on Rails experience was not so great so we wanted a well known technology (and our current hosting does not support fancy stuff like node.js, etc.). We did not really find a modern PHP forum software that would not be a security vulnerability in itself like phpBB (and flarum is not production ready), so we decided to go without forum.

Other than that, there is no real opposition to having a Godot forum, and whether it's official, semi-official or unofficial is not the main point - the question is more whether Godot's core devs have to set it up and maintain it, moderate it and answer questions there, or if other community members could be in charge.

Affiliation to Godot upstream

So basically, you guys should get together and work on a forum that would be hosted separately from Godot's main website, as right now there is no plan for an official godotengine.org forum.

On the other hand, Godot is a fully community-driven project, so making a strong distinction between what is "official" and what is "unofficial/community" is not so meaningful IMO. So once you have something setup, if it's looking good ;-) and helps increase the user-friendliness and popularity of our community, then I see no reason not to consider it an "official" or "semi-official" forum (if the distinction between "official" and "semi-official" is whether core Godot devs work on it too, or if it's only handled by contributors). It would be linked in the Community page like the Q&A, reddit or Facebook group.

Regarding the name, that's up to you guys. godotdevelopers.org sounds interesting, godotdevs.org could work too, it's shorter to write :)

Importing the OP database

It should be possible (and wished for!) to import the database of the OpenProject forum. It would however be quite some work, and the database dump we could have would likely contain password hashes and stuff like that - it's probably something that we could strip off before handing it to whoever will set up the new forum, but at any rate it would be best if the persons motivated to set it up could get in touch with either reduz, punto, alket or myself on #godotengine-devel.

Here's what I would propose for the persons interested in setting up a new forum:

  • For starters, find a free hosting solution to experiment on; you won't want to give up money for hosting until you're happy with the test instance and want to go live officially. (Regarding potential hosting costs that would be something to discuss with reduz and punto - I guess Godot's donation fund could be used to host such a community forum if a good price is found)
  • Setup a forum instance to play with, try to find the theme you'd like to use, the relevant plugins if any. If you can do some research to set it up in a way that will protect you as much as possible from spams and hacking, that would be best.
  • Get in touch with us so that we can see how to import the contents of the old forum; that probably won't be as simple as clicking "Export" in OP and "Import" in the new forum, so be prepared for some hacking :)

// my two cents

answered Mar 1, 2016 by Akien (1,829 points)

that's more than 2 cents. more close to 1 dollar

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How about an unofficial Godot Engine wiki to help the documentation efforts? We can all contribute information and build a database of what we understand about the engine.

answered Mar 2, 2016 by trollworkout (100 points)
Personally I feel tutorials work better in a forum format, but If you want unofficial wiki, you could always just host an instance of MediaWiki (the wikipedia made wiki software)
I'll just keep my contribution as a forum as I don't want to fragment the website (and the hosting costs would be eye-watering)
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Do you guys think it is necessary to make such a big effort to create a custom theme for the Godot forum?
I think it would be easier and maybe equally "stylish" if we use A nice them and adept it a little to the "blueish" Godot style.
I think the ALDO theme looks really cool and fits the style of the website and the Q&A.

enter image description here

Here is a preview how it could look when its slightly adepted to Godot:

enter image description here

I changed the logo, changed some colors and added a Project "Featured Project's" bar.
The ALDO theme is free so It shouldn't be that hard to install it and to get the colors adapted. Maybe the "Featured Project's" bar is a little bit to advanced ?

answered Mar 2, 2016 by Toger5 (327 points)
Well, that's around what I was thinking at this point....
But I'm still making a bunch of emoticons and posticons, just to add polish and make it more unique
Okay great!
keep us updated on your process im really looking forward to a nice Forum.
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I started getting really intrested in that form topic.
So I created a prototype which is working pretty good right now.
Here are some screenshots. If you want to I can upload the Website to Github so you can check out what you can use of it.

Here are some screenshots:
enter image description here

and another one of the toolbar:
enter image description here

answered Mar 3, 2016 by Toger5 (327 points)
Nice! Github would be perfect!
When it's used shall I put your name in the footer for suggesting it and editing it?
Okay I'm back now so I'll upload It on github and share the link with you.
Okay here you can find the prototype.
(I currently use it with an XAMPP local server right now for testing)
I think if we start discussing about things like hosting the forum, how it should look...
we maybe should move to another website (maybe git issues using the repository I just created). The Q&A isn't the best place for such discussions.
Shall I set up a test instance on a free host where we and the rest can converse?
(sorry for accidentally flagging your comment btw, I keep clicking the extras button in an attempt to reply)
(also, did you remove the installation files?? If so, was there a reason??)
(also, did you edit anything outside the theme's folder or can I just place that in any smf instance's themes folder and it'll work?)

I almost did no changes to the smf website itself. But I changes some settings like max image width = 700...
And I also created the database with some boards.
To answer your questions:
- yes you should be able to install a new smf website (fresh downloaded with install.php ) and add my theme. but then you have to create all the boards again and install the theme. (not that big of a deal)
- Yes i removed the install.php (Didn't plan to reinstall it. I thought if i need a new database i I just can setup a new smf site. (maybe that was stupid))

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If you need help with design, I can do some stuff for ya.

answered Mar 3, 2016 by Arc Futahito (45 points)
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-- Update: SMF theme --

I start to get comfortable with php so I have some more things to show:
The two new main features:
- Basic system for the "featured project tab"
- animated sidebar

I also changed a lot of icons and the design for the Chat/Message panel (looked very old school)
Here are some screenshots:

Created a logo for new Posts

new Posts logo

Made a lot of changed to the design of the chatwindow
- rounded avatars
- new icons for edit and delete
- star system with Godot icons
- new icons for pn, and profile (under the users avatar)
- and some small color changes (for text)
But there is still a lot to do (i don't like the Message icon, quote icon, Email, Split topic, Report to moderator, and the icons for normal topic Hot topic ...)
If anybody is interested you can have a look at the current version of each icon on my github page. check what looks ugly and change it ;)
enter image description here
Here is the animated sidebar, you can toggle it in and out (see other screenshots)
enter image description here
And the beginning of the "featured Projects bar"
This is still WIP but I want to improve it so that useres are able to use two arrows to scroll through the featured projects. It would be nice If Thread names could be added to a database. For each Thread-name in that database the website will search for an attachment with a defined name like ("featuredProject_thumbnail_" + name + ".png") this file will than be added to one of the "featuredProjectWindows" and the name of the thread could be used as the description text (right now "Project 1,2,3..."). Than moderators just have to add or remove names from the database and that would change which projects are displayed.
enter image description here

answered Mar 5, 2016 by Toger5 (327 points)
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I got the animations for the FeaturedProject tab done.
because I already spammed to much screenshots I now finally uploaded (only temporary) the SMF forum. so you can have a look at it. some things are messed up currently. but you still can have a look at the forum and the design and post something. if you create. Because this is temporary all the pots you do may get deletet.

Here is the link:


answered Mar 5, 2016 by Toger5 (327 points)
edited Mar 25, 2016 by Toger5

Well i haven't had a lot of free/extra time lately, but i can help during the weekends, so i volunteer as a mod. i've register at the current site, feel free to add me as a Mod. I'll see what I can do as time allows.

Are we going to use the categories i suggested?

So I have tried to look at the site with a mobile device.... I don't know if it's just me, but all I get it just html. No CSS or JavaScript. Just some feed back.

Usually it should work.
Sometimes I have that problem too. But if i click one link than the site works as desired. But there were some server changes made today so they may caused that issue...

ok tried to access the form through chome on my laptop.... ya that did work out too well....
What happened....

Found out why the page was loading up weird.... url has to be tweaked a bit.... for some reason or another. the page will not find the index page if not directly told where it is... so the new url should be.

Yea.... all i had to do was add the /index.php to it.

I do have a little this that is bugging me on the posts though...
enter image description here
The problem is that Im having a hard time telling the difference between one post from another... it feels like there is some strain to find out what the user said among the other interesting but cluttering info around it.... Though the color scheme is really amazing... it works out very well.
Found out one little thing.... i was on the wrong site to begin with....lol sorry it took me so long to find it... FORGIVE ME!

I worked a lot on the chat area... But there is still a lot all over the place. As a consequnce it might be a little bit confusing for online chats. But for bigger poosts it works out pretty well. In addition: The actual page is a little further in development. PLS visit www.godotdevelopers.org instead of !!www.godotdevs.byethost33.com!! (WRONG URL).
There i did some more adjustments to the color so that buttons like edit arent that "LOOK AT ME!" like anymore.
This is how it looks currently:

enter image description here

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