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I want to put a animation for the fire ball when it touch any body, a animation of the fire dying but i don't know how do this

This is the script of the fire ball:

OBS: The animation called "Off" is the dying fire animation

extends Area2D

const SPEED = 180
var velocity = Vector2()
var direction = 1

func _ready():

func setfireballdirection(dir):
direction = dir
if dir == -1:
$firesprite.fliph = true

func process(delta):
velocity.x = SPEED * delta * direction

func onnotifierscreenexited():

func onFirebodyentered(body):

func onfirespriteanimationfinished():

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The "Fire" animation is in process so "Off" only gets to play for a single frame. $fire_sprite.play("Fire") either needs to go in ready or a condition that will happen for a single frame e.g.

func process(delta):
    if myBool == true:
        myBool = false
        #won't happen again until myBool is set to true.
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Thanks bro!!

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I done it for tds right 2 days ago.
But i use the boom animation
for fireball dying.
If you mean, you don't know how to draw it you
can find it in the web or email me for my sprites or
We can talk about making new sprites for you

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