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Orig. I wanted to create a rectangle with a border in Godot. (similar like in CSS border 3 px solid ...)

So after research I found in Godot there is a "StyleBoxFlat" in RESOURCES (not in Nodes)

After creating the StyleBoxFlat, I was wondering:


After a long time searching I found, that I have to use a "Panel-Node".

So in general:

Where can I find the information, which node to choose for a given resource?

I didn't find a complete overview.

Thank you for your advise.

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AFAIK, styles (such as a StyleBoxFlat) can be applied to Control nodes. From what I can tell, these resources can be applied to nodes that are used for the user interface.

Here's the documentation on StyleBox, and here's the API documentation on Control.

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Thanks for your answer.

It was a good hint by you.

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