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Hello my friends.
I am trying to develop a tool which does api calls to fetch Conversations (from a ticket system) and then exports to a file.
Each conversation has 0 or more messages, and 0 or more notes, and can be accessed by /conversations/{id}/messages?page={page_number} and /conversations/{id}/notes?page={note_number}.
I am stucked at the API calls, because doing the HttpRequest.request doesn't stop the program execution.

A button calls do_request(user_to_find_conversations, conversation_page) which does $ConversationRequest.request(url, h, true, HTTPClient.METHOD_POST, JSON.print(body)) (ignore the methods, cause the API works this way).
In the _on_ConversationRequest_request_completed signal I increment the page conversation_page += 1 and I call again do_request (because I want to fetch the next page), and when finish, emit a signal conversations_finished to call _on_conversations_finishedfor running the get_messageswhich does exatcly the same behaviour as conversations. And later with notes...

No matter what, I have two kind of results, or the execution runs without waiting for finish do_request, or I get HTTPRequest is processing a request. Wait for completion or cancel it before attempting a new one.

I have 3 HTTPRequest Nodes for handle the 3 endpoints (Conversations, Messages, and Notes)

Any help is much appreciated.

asked Nov 19, 2019 in Engine by UnsignedFoo (26 points)

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