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I'm trying to make a TD 2D TopDown view. Actually the map is just a horizontaly line of title.
I use some asset from kenney.nl.

If i use the Navigation tab from TileSet menu like that :

Nav full

It work great, the nav node can use getsimplepath().

BUT if a make this:

Nav modif

The getsimplepath() function return []
I don't get it, if i turn on the Visible Navigation in Debug it seems ok. (The navigation debug color change).

enter image description here
enter image description here

When the start / end pos for getsimplepath() is in the same tile it work.
it means there is a gap between the navigation poly on the right/left side ? But i move only the two little red selector on top.
Thank you for your time.
Tell me if you don't understand me.

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