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I'm trying to test whether my 3d character is moving, but this is impossible when the camera has to be parented to the kinematic body in order to view the kinematic body's mesh, and doesn't pick up any objects that aren't parented to the kinematic body. What's going on?

Here's my scene tree:

....KinematicBody (player)
........CSGbox (player's representation)
........CollisionShape (player's collision)
....CollisionShape (ground)

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Could you please show us how your scene tree is set up?

Ok, I added the scene tree to the question. the periods are there to represent the parenting.

With the camera active (i.e. the Camera is set as "Current" in the Inspector), it should display the mesh. In fact, I have a set up similar to that for one of my projects.

alright i tried that, and I even tried it with a new camera, but It still doesn't work. All I've done is added a camera and set it to current. Is there something else I'm supposed to do?

Oh, it was the field of view (FOV) setting. I guess the current check box worked, but I set the field of view to to far. thanks. :)

Scratch that. It works in the camera preview mode, but not when the game is running. ???

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