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I have created a TileSet with editor UI, with 4 Atlas Tiles. I have a Script that inherits Node2D (but that's not enforced).

I want to draw a single tile from one of four Atlas Tiles. How would I do this, other than taking a texture tile_get_texture, then getting tile boundaries tile_get_region, autotile_get_size, tile_get_texture_offset, and then somehow (with Sprite or the TextureRect) cropping the texture with the boundaries?

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You are trying to do it by code, maybe you can use the built tileset editor?


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  1. I am already using a tileset editor to cut a texture into the tiles. I now need to extract those tiles from the tileset.
  2. I am implementing a procedural generation algorithm, so I don't think I can use an editor UI for that.
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