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I set the font on the label
Then change the scale value to enlarge

But it is blurry
Is this the correct scaling method?

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Not sure how you are using the font but, you shouldn't modify the scale directly as it will cause blurriness or pixelization. Instead, you need to use a dynamic font, and set the font size from the dynamic font's settings.

Here is a video that explains it clearly:
Dynamic Fonts in Godot
This is a good starting point for GUI creation:
Design the GUI

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Thank you
I will try that tutorial
I do n’t know what scaling is used for,

No problem. Scaling is used for the overall scale of the node. If you want to affect only the font size you want to do it in the dynamic font settings.

It's also worth noting that the default font for Godot is low res. So scaling it up usually makes it look blurry. I would pick a font in google fonts that you like and use that instead.

I used dynamic font.
It looks very good with no blur.

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