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Well, hello.
I'm new is Godot and I' m trying to figure out how to set up walking animation for character in top down shooter.
I got per-frame animated legs and character body, character always looking on mouse position.
I want to rotate character legs in direction of player speed. Already tried to rotate them in this way, but looks like the problem is in player scene hierarchy(legs rotate with other body). How can I make legs rotation independent of body rotation?
Or maybe there is another solution for this?
I will be grateful for any help with this.

P.S yea, I don't know how to add images, so I loaded images on google drive

asked Nov 4, 2019 in Engine by boss078 (17 points)

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I think if you follow this tutorial some of your questions might get answered:
Topdown Tank Battle - by Cris Bradfield

answered Nov 4, 2019 by hidemat (91 points)
selected Nov 7, 2019 by boss078

That helps a lot!
Thank you!

No problem. Glad I could help.

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