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How to make joystick for a 3d game? Can I using 2d joystick for 3d game? If i can’t how to fix it?

asked Nov 3, 2019 in Engine by young.fernand (23 points)

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If you want a joystick on the touch screen for mobile, here is an example project online: https://github.com/MarcoFazioRandom/Virtual-Joystick-Godot

If you want to use a normal joystick (for PC or console) like for example Xbox joystick, there is an example project in the official demos:

You can also find this project on the asset store, if you search "joypads" you can find it and install it directly.

answered Nov 6, 2019 by Asheraryam (88 points)

i'm trying for mobile and i can't use for 3d games. i tried to change "Vector2D" to "Vector3D" and can't, how to be used in 3D games?

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