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there should be a package manager of sorts for the Godot engine for Add-ons like that in Blender where the user can access on a single window platform all updated add-ons, like that of Ad-Mob, Android,etc...there is no way for a Newbie to say if the Git Repository that is being talked about in forums, will work on his project. for Godot to get as big and popular as blender, there has to be a package manager like that of Unity where mostly free Add-ons can be installed and ranked as per their versions! i dont know if it has been done, but is must.

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You basically described the asset library tab.
However, you are mentionning Android modules, so I guess you are talking about something different? (I never used the android plugin system mentionned in https://godotengine.org/article/godot-3-2-will-get-new-android-plugin-system, so I can't really tell about this one)

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